Fun on Singularity: From Fresh Alpha to Triple-Slot Omega Skill Farm in Minutes

Getting Started

  1. Create account on Tranquility.
    • Accounts cannot be created on Singularity – instead they are created on Tranquility and copied over (usually every few months)
    • Characters can be created on Singularity as long as the account is already on Singularity
  2. If you have not already, make sure there are three characters on the account. At most one of those characters will be your “main” and the rest two will be skillpoint farms.
  3. Log into each character and do the following:
    • /moveme M-OEE8, dock at Singularity Testing Keepstar
    • Buy and inject a Daily Alpha Injector
    • Buy and inject a Master-at-Arms Cerebral Accelerator (do every 1-2 days based on Biology level)
    • Buy and Inject a Serenity Monthly Accelerator if one is available (do every 1-2 days based on Biology level)
  4. Objective: Unlock Omega + all three skill queues
    1. 147,000 ISK is all that is required to Purchase 1,470 PLEX (for 100ISK each) with which to upgrade the account to Omega and activate both other skill queues using a Multiple Pilot Training Certificate.
    2. This can be done via Project Discovery and/or Insurance Scamming (buy a ship for 100ISK, platinum insure it, set it to self destruct, eject, repeat process – this will enable you to destroy multiple ships simultaneously and cash in on insurance without help from other players)
  5. Neural Remap your skillfarm characters to +10 Intelligence and +4 Memory . This will accelerate training Cybernetics and Biology
  6. Objective: Train Cybernetics to L5 on all characters: as you increase skill levels, upgrade your attribute implants to train faster (at L5 will be able to fit a full set of Improved implants)
  7. Objective: Train Biology to L5 on all charaters. This will make cerebral accelerators last longer (2 days at L5)
  8. Set up your Skillfarm Alts
    • Train skills skills whose primary and secondary attributes are Intelligence and Memory respectively. Perfect example: All rigging skills. Whenever your character reaching 5.5 million SP or more, purchase skill extractors (using PLEX from NES) and skill extract as much SP as possible from those Intelligence/Memory skills and train them all over again – transfer the skill injectors to your main for injection. (Do not extract Cybernetics or Biology, however!)
    • If your skillfarm alts correspond to characters that already exist on Tranquility that have a lot of SP, then every 14 days you may use the /copyskills command to copy your skill points over for skill extraction. (I personally extracted more than 300 injectors per /copyskills from my pre-existing characters)

Tips on Getting Started

  • If you have 0ISK an need money to get started, play Project Discovery until you receive your first payout. Afterward, you can engage in “insurance scamming” where you purchase the largest T1 ship you can fly 100ISK, insure it (if you can afford it – otherwise the default payout will get you started), and have it blown up by rats or other players (or yourself on another alt)
  • Once you PLEX to Omega, you can multibox multiple accounts on SiSi even if they were all Alphas on Tranquility. In particular, this means you can blow up yourself for insurance scam purposes. It also means that you can have several Tranqulity Alpha accounts serve as Triple-Slot Omega accounts on Singularity if you create them in advance. You can even multibox Tranquility and Singularity characters at the same time (including TQ Alphas-as-Omegas on SiSi), even using the same character on both servers at the same time.
  • Do not buy Skill Extractors from player market; buy them from NES using PLEX
  • Everything seeded in Singularity costs 100ISK; if you see it more expensive, it’s either because it’s only sold by players only (eg. non-seeded items transferred from Tranquility, or Skill Injectors made from Skill Extractors, etc), or because you are in a system where items are not seeded at that low cost. Use the /moveme command to move to a system where items are guaranteed to be seeded. M-OEE8 is the “main” system of Singularity – everything you need will be in the Singularity Testing Keepstar
  • Don’t forget to log in every couple of days to inject the two cerebral accelerators available on each skillpoint farm alt. (This isn’t a huge deal if you forget or don’t want to bother with the hassle – the more skillpoint farm alts you run, the less important this is to do, particularly if you are using /copyskills as described above every 14 days)
  • Singularity Support Page

Example Use Cases for Singularity

  • Iteratively designing, field testing, and refining fits before using them “for real” on Tranquility
  • Developing proficiency in Abyssal space to ensure you can run them instinctively and with ample time to spare at completion before investing billions in an Abyssal fit for use in Tranquility. (In Abyssal space, if you don’t finish within 20 minutes, you lose your ship and your pod/implants, so timing is key.)
  • Practicing, simulating, and/or enjoying PVP with alts or friends in a nothing-to-lose environment (everything costs 100ISK to replace, from ships to fittings to implants). This can be done via duels, piracy, “Red vs Blue” corp/alliance wardecs, etc.
  • Fielding and fitting Upwell structures and testing out their offensive and defensive capabilities (again, 100ISK a piece – even Keepstars)
  • Creating and using “Max Alpha” characters in order to better understand and appreciate the full capabilities of an Alpha character with max skills. (You can use Omega skillfarms to generate injectors to inject into an Alpha Account that will never PLEX to Omega; if you do PLEX to Omega for the sole purpose of multiboxing, then you would never skill train on that character). Alpha characters are formidable in fleets; I have even heard of veterans using Alpha fleets to earn 1b/hr just to demonstrate this fact! Now you can see for yourself.